I fell in love with American Southwest when I first visited Santa Fe, New Mexico when I was a college student. At that time I was so amazed by the beauty of this land – colorful rock formation, endless blue sky, silence of sand dunes, crisp morning air, beautiful desert animals, and above all things breathtaking sunrise and sunset. Since then I keep going back to the Southwest to photograph the incredible beauty of desert landscape. When I am in the desert, I feel free, relaxed and excited all at the same time, and enjoy finding the details of nature and encountering wildlife.

I also love road trips and taking pictures of things calling me along the way. I am fascinated by the rich, colorful Native American culture, nostalgic Route 66, and desolate beauty of Ghost Towns. To me, those things always appeal to my soul, something I never get tired of.

Thank you for visiting my galleries. I would be delighted to hear any suggestions and comments.